Cell Build Technician; Reporting to the R & D team, the Cell Build Technician will assist in anode development and optimization R & D. Candidates should be familiar with Li-ion cell chemistry and have experience building and assembling cells for performance testing. This candidate will be a key member of a cross-functional product development team. This job includes the fabrication of laboratory scale Li-ion anodes, electrode processing, laboratory scale li-ion cell builds and data analysis. The primary responsibilities of this position will be to assist in experimental planning and to carry out experiments and analysis. Tasks including electrode fabrication, delicate assembly of coin cells, cell dissection, running cell tests and data analysis. Understand lab-scale electrode slurry mixing and electrode coating. Document electrode fabrication and cell build data with the use of travelers and process documents. Assembly of a variety of Li-ion cell prototypes include coin cells and small pouch cells. Operation and maintenance of laboratory including Arbin & Neware battery test equipment. Compile and analyze data and test reports and communicate results with the team

Interested applicants can send their resumes to James Tantalo, Controller, at 1200 Ridgeway Ave, Suite 110, Rochester, NY 14615, or email to