Commercializing new functional materials for next-generation Li-ion battery electrolytes for high voltage, long life, and non-flammable batteries.


EV Li-ion battery with conventional electrolyte


EV Li-ion battery with NOHMs advanced electrolyte

NOHMs Technologies, Inc. has developed new functional materials which are non-flammable, non-volatile, have a wide liquid temperature range (between -80 and 300 °C), and conduct lithium ions. NOHMs’ functional ionic liquids form stable SEI on lithium ion battery anodes and cathodes, whereas commercially available ionic liquids are unstable at the SEI interface, severely decreasing cycle life.

We leverage the beneficial thermal and electrochemical properties of these new new functional materials in its electrolyte, NanoLyte Electrolyte, to improve battery safety and high voltage stability without negatively impacting cycle life or power output. In short, our technology improves safety and allows for significant cost-savings at the battery system level by safely using larger cells operating at higher voltage and capacity with a wider temperature range.

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