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August 29, 2016


NOHMs Closes Series B Financing Led by Phoenix Venture Partners


NOHMs raised $5 million equity financing led by Phoenix Venture Partners to commercialize proprietary electrolyte that improves electric vehicle battery durability and reduces cost. Other investors in Series B include Solvay Ventures and New York State Innovation Fund.


Web Link to Phoenix Venture Partners.

Web Link to Solvay.

Web Link to New York State Innovation Fund.





June 16th - 17th, 2016


NOHMs Presents to China Business Leaders


NOHMs was one of fifty companies from New York State invited to meet with a delegation of influential business leaders from China to discuss partnership and investment opportunities. The Rochester-China Business Exchange is a spinoff event of the SelectUSA Summit held by the U.S. Department of Commerce in Washington, DC.


Visit RCBE's website for more information about the program.



June 7th, 2016


NOHMs Presents Progress to US Department of Energy


Dr. Surya Moganty, CTO, presented 5V electrolyte progress under the  USABC program at the US Department of Energy's Vehicle Technologies Office Annual Merit Review. US DoE's Vehicle Technologies Office supports the development and deployment of advanced vehicle technologies, including advances in electric vehicle battery technology. The United States Advanced Battery Consortium LLC (USABC), is a collaborative organization of FCA US LLC, Ford Motor Company, and General Motors.


Visit US DoE's website to learn more about Vehicle Technologies Office programs.



June 1st, 2016


Dr. Surya Moganty, Promoted to CTO


Dr. Surya Moganty was promoted to Chief Technology Officer, in recognition for exemplary leadership of the development team that invented and is commercializing NanoLyteTM Electrolyte to improve lithium ion battery safety and reduce cost. We are also happy to welcome Mr. Brown, Development Engineer, to the NOHMs team.



November 2nd, 2015


C&EN: NOHMs is a "Startup to Watch!"


NOHMs was identified as a top ten startup to watch by Chemical and Engineering News, a publication of the American Chemical Society. These companies are united by a common theme: using groundbreaking chemistry to solve real-world problems.


Link to C&EN Article about NOHMs Technologies



October 29th, 2015


NOHMs Closes Bridge Financing


In October, NOHMs closed bridge financing from Series A investors to expand activities related to the new USABC automotive battery development program. NOHMs plans to raise additional capital in early 2016 to commercialize electrolytes that will improve lithium-ion battery safety.


Link to USCAR's September News Release announcing the NOHMs program



September 15th, 2015


$1.64 Million USABC Award to NOHMs for Automotive Battery Electrolytes


The United States Advanced Battery Consortium LLC (USABC), a collaborative organization of FCA US LLC, Ford Motor Company and General Motors, announced the award of a $1.64 million contract to NOHMs Technologies in Rochester, New York, for the development of electrolytes for automotive lithium-ion battery 5 volt cells.


For the full USABC press release, please visit




September 14th, 2015


NOHMs is Designated as a Finger Lakes Region Priority Project


NOHMs was selected by the FLREDC (Finger Lakes Regional Economic Development Counsel) as a priority project for the Next-Generation Manufacturing & Technology growth initiative. The 10 Regional Councils in NYS are developing long-term strategic plans for economic growth for their regions.


Link to FLREDC List of Priority Projects


May 29th, 2015


Eastman Business Park Blog


NOHMs Technologies was featured twice in the Eastman Business Park News Blog this month:


Lithium Ion Battery Advanced Materials

Innovation and American Manufacturing


NOHMs Technologies is located at the Eastman Business Park, which features "a comprehensive suite of pilot tools, technical and analytical support, low-cost facilities, self-generated utilities, and superior services and amenities" for the commercialization of new products.



May 26th, 2015


High Energy, Long Life Corporate Challenge


NOHMs Technologies’ employees participated in the 25th annual J.P. Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge in Rochester, NY.  The event, which featured 10,371 runners and walkers from 421 companies, benefited Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Rochester


For more information, please visit:



May 4th, 2015


NOHMs Joins Extreme Battery Research Center with the US Army Research Labs


NOHMs Technologies, an industry partner with the ARL, was invited to present the LiS and NanolyteTM Electrolyte developments at the 1st Formal Meeting of the Center for Research in Extreme Batteries (CREB) held on Monday May 4th at the University of Maryland.


The U.S Army Research Labs (ARL) has teamed up with University of Maryland (UMD) College Park and  the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to form a battery research center, the goal of which is to foster and accelerate collaborative research in advanced battery materials, technologies and characterization techniques. The research is centered on batteries for extreme performance, environments and properties, such as defense, space and biomedical applications.



Visit ARL for more information


April 30th, 2015


NOHMs awarded Phase II contract for NASA Space Battery Development


NOHMs Technologies has received a Phase II SBIR from NASA to develop advanced space batteries. NOHMs project will develop, demonstrate, and deliver high energy, lightweight, safe lithium sulfur (Li-S) batteries for use in space applications. The battery technology under development by NOHMs is capable of delivering batteries with specific energies that are two times higher than today's state of the art Li-ion battery systems. For NASA missions, this can be translated into increased operational range, functionality, or payload capabilities and significantly reduced operational cost.


See the press release.


March 13, 2015


NOHMs Lithium Sulfur Gets its own ChemID from Texas Instruments


Initially targeting applications with multi-cells lithium-based battery packs, TI’s Impedance Track has been adapted to support other types of battery chemistries, such as lead acid, nickel metal hydride (NiMH) or nickel cadmium (NiCd). NOHMS Technologies is announcing today March 13, 2015 that Texas Instruments Impedance Track algorithm can now support its lithium sulfur chemistry.


“The Impedance Track™ battery-fuel-gauging technology from Texas Instruments (TI) is a powerful adaptive algorithm that learns how a battery’s characteristics change over time. Combining this algorithm with knowledge of the battery pack’s specific chemistry permits a very accurate determination of the battery’s state of charge (SOC) for the life of the pack.”


Designers, developers can now select chemID 702 for use with selected Gas Gauge ICs from Texas Instruments extensive portfolio.


Please contact NOHMs Technologies for additional information at: or (585) 645 - 0042



 March 12, 2015


NOHMs Technologies presents High Voltage Lithium Ion Battery Electrolytes at the 32nd Annual International Battery Seminar in Ft. Lauderdale, FL



In its 32nd year, the International Battery Seminar & Exhibit is the leader in providing key industry speakers to discuss the state of the art of worldwide energy storage technology developments for portable, automotive and stationary power applications. This meeting provides not only broad perspectives, but also informed insights into significant advances in materials, product development and application for all battery systems and enabling technologies. In addition, this meeting is renowned for offering broad networking and exhibiting opportunities to the international battery community. As the longest running annual battery industry event in the world, this meeting has always been the preferred venue to announce significant new developments and showcase the most advanced battery technology.


For more information, please visit:



March 6, 2015


Rochester Institute of Technology Opens Battery Prototyping Center near NOHMs Technologies


For more information, please see link.



February 19, 2015


NOHMs Technologies presents two emerging technologies for licensing at the NAATBATT Energy Storage Innovation Summint at the NAATBATT Annual Meeting in Phoenix, AZ


NOHMs Technologies, Inc. was one of 20 companies invited to present emerging battery technologies for licensing. NOHMs also took first place, in the NAATBATT Tennis Tournament!


NOHMs CDO Nathan Ball presenting at NAATBATT Annual Meeting


The NAATBATT Meeting & Conference is the premier business development event in North America for professionals working in the electrochemical energy storage supply chain.


Link to conference website


NAATBatt International (“NAATBatt”) is a not-for-profit trade association of companies, associations and research institutions commercializing advanced electrochemical energy storage technology for emerging, high tech applications.  NAATBatt members include advanced battery, ultracapacitor and electrode manufacturers, energy materials suppliers, vehicle makers, electric utilities, equipment vendors, service providers, universities and other research institutions.



February 11, 2015


NOHMs Technologies Invited to Showcase at 6th Annual ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit, with NYSERDA


NOHMs Technologies was invited to participate in this year's Innovation Showcase at the ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit, alongside more than 250 groundbreaking technologies -- many on public display for the first time -- from ARPA-E-funded project teams and a select group of private companies and research organizations.


As the nation’s preeminent energy innovation event, this annual conference and technology showcase attracts experts, such as U.S. Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz and Ratan Tata, chairman of the Tata Trusts (below), from different technical disciplines and professional communities to think about America’s complex energy challenges in new ways. The Summit offers a unique three-day program full of insightful keynotes and impactful networking sessions, as well as a firsthand look at hundreds of emerging new energy technologies.


Ratan Tata Speaking with Energy Secretary Dr. Ernest Moniz at ARPAE Innovation Summit


For more information, please visit the ARPA-E website



November 20, 2014


NOHMs Technologies presents Lithium Sulfur Materials Solutions at the 2014 Nanotechnology for Defense Conference


In November 2014, Dr. Surya Moganty presented the benefits of lightweight lithium sulfur batteries to representatives from the DoD and industry. The Nanotechnology for Defense Conference was initiated and is supported by the Air Force Research Laboratory, Army Research Laboratory, the Office of Naval Research, the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. NT4D is the premier event addressing emerging nanoenabled technologies for defense.


For more information, please visit:



September 25th, 2014


NOHMs Represents Rochester NY and the Finger Lakes Region of Upstate New York to promote economic growth


Last year, the Finger Lakes Regional Economic Development Counsel was awarded $56 million for economic development projects, including NOHMs R&D and pilot plant expansion. The linked video below features NOHMs Technologies (start at 2:28 minutes) with CEO Rich Delmerico and Dir. Operations Courtney Reich, sharing the NOHMs story alongside LeDestry Technologies and NYBEST. This video was shared in Albany to support the region's economic development strategy and received positive reviews at the state level.


NOHMs Announces Pilot Plant in Rochester, NY


Link to FLREDC Progress Report Video on Youtube


New York State and the Finger Lakes Region continue to strongly support the local manufacturing sector and energy storage industry.



September 16th, 2014


NOHMs invited to present at the National Renewable Energy Research Lab's 27th Annual Industry Growth Forum


The Industry Growth Forum is the premier event for clean energy startups to maximize their exposure to receptive venture capital, corporate investors, and strategic partners. NOHMs Technologies and 29 other companies were invited from a pool of 150 applicants. Collectively, companies who have presented at the forum have raised more than $4 billion in growth financing.


The NREL Industry Growth Forum attracts leading cleantech venture capital and investment banks and draws business development executives from global energy companies looking for strategic investments and partnering opportunities. They attend the Forum to:


Meet with top clean energy growth companies and identify investment and partnering opportunities

Network with their peers and make new connections

Get a "big picture" overview of the emerging industry and the issues affecting technological innovation, capitalization, and commercialization


NOHMs CDO Nathan Ball (left) and Rich Delmerico (right) presenting at NREL Industry Growth Forum


August 22nd, 2014


NOHMs presents electrolyte technology at Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane Division


Mr. Nathan Ball, CDO, presented a talk entitled "Ionic Electrolytes to Improve Stability and Energy Density of Lithium Batteries" at a Lunch and Learn for NSWC Crane's Energy, Power & Interconnect Technologies Division. NOHMs Technologies specializes in nonflammable ionic liquid electrolytes for lithium batteries, electrolyte additives for stability at high charging voltages (>4.5 V) and lithium sulfur batteries.


NSWC Crane contains the DoD's largest collection of resources dedicated to electrochemical power sources, including 133 highly skilled government professionals and facilities for technology development, acquisition, production, test and evaluation, safety certification, and engineering.



August 14th, 2014


NOHMs invited to present at the 12th Annual Rice Alliance Energy and Clean Tech Venture Forum


NOHMs Technologies was selected as one of the "most promising disruptive energy and clean technologies" by Rice Alliance, and will present to an audience of 500 investors, industry participants, and other attendees at Rice University on September 11th. Over 1,400 companies have presented at past Rice Alliance Forum Events. These presenters have raised more than $2.9 billion in early stage funding, and more than 100 investors attended the 2013 event. Represented areas within energy and clean technology include:


Alternative, clean, or sustainable energy

Oil & Gas exploration and production technologies

Oil & Gas refining and marketing technologies

Electricity and power generation

Energy storage, transportation, efficiency or conservation

Environmental remediation

Software applications for the energy/clean tech industry

Smart grid and other IT related companies to improve energy


More information can be found at the event website:



August 1st, 2014


NOHMs Raises Series A Funding Round


NOHMs closes a full Series A funding round to commercialize battery materials products for portable electronics and electric vehicles.



July 12th, 2014


NOHMs Technologies presents at Military Power Sources Conference


Dr. Surya Moganty, Technology Director, presented two technical talks to the 2014 Military Power Sources Conference in Orlando, Florida: "Novel Ionic Liquid electrolytes for Li-S batteries," and "Tethered Ionic Liquids: Enabling Lithium Metal batteries." The presented work was funded in part by federal grants from US Air Force, DARPA, NASA, and NSF.


NOHMs Technologies is a leader in advanced electrolyte development for lithium sulfur and lithium metal containing rechargeable batteries.


According to the website, the 46th Power Sources Conference "is the best possible conference for obtaining information and meeting with key influencers in the military power sources arena." This year's conference scheduled more than 150 technical presentations for fielded and future batteries, capacitors, fuel cells, and alternative energy platforms.



July 1st, 2014


NOHMs awarded second NASA grant for development of space batteries


NOHMs Technologies has begun work on a NASA funded project entitled "Li metal protection for High Energy Space Batteries."  The technology is based on a novel ionic liquid electrolyte formulation developed for the Lithium-Sulfur chemistry that can protect the lithium metal and has demonstrated superior performance and safety characteristics with the potential to offer 600 Wh/kg on the cell level. The battery technology under development by NOHMs is capable of delivering batteries with specific energies that are three times higher than today's state of the art Li-ion battery systems. For NASA missions, this can be translated into increased operational range, functionality, or payload capabilities and significantly reduced operational cost.


Advanced batteries are required for future space missions. These uses include batteries for astronaut equipment and space suits, crew exploration vehicles, in-space habitats, surface habitats, humanoid robots, landers, astronaut equipment, life support systems, and photo voltaic energy storage for planetary probes, landers, rovers, and orbiters, all which require high energy, safe batteries. Current battery technology does not meet NASA's energy needs for future space missions.



July 1st, 2014


NOHMs awarded second NIH grant for development of medical batteries


NOHMs Technlogies has begun work on a NIH funded project entitled "High Energy Rechargeable Battery as Emergency Power Supplies" to develop power sources for assistive medical equipment. NOHMs Li-S battery could increase the energy delivery time in a power outage from 2 hours to 24 hours or more, while yielding a significant reduction in weight, size, and cost compared to existing emergency power supply systems. The battery will be evaluated based on its energy density, power density, size, weight, start-up times and maintenance requirements.



May 1st, 2014


NOHMs Raises Bridge to Series A Funding Round


On February 28th, NOHMs Technologies, Inc. closed $500,000 bridge to a Series A funding round to support commercialization of lightweight lithium sulfur batteries for emergency medical and military radio products.



Jan. 16th 2014


Welcome Bernard Lau, Director Intellectual Property


The NOHMs Technologies team would like to welcome Bernard “Bernie” Lau, Director of Intellectual Property at NOHMs Technologies, Inc.


Bernie is and experienced intellectual property attorney who is an expert in battery materials sector, contracts and licensing, due diligence analysis, and management of global intellectual property dockets from his prior experience at BASF Corporation, Praxair Inc., and four independent practices. Bernie holds a JD from University of Notre Dame Law School, and MS in Chemistry from the State University of New York, Stony Brook.


Bernie will be leading NOHMs’ intellectual property strategy and portfolio management, and is a key contributor to the company’s mission to introduce lighter, longer lasting, sustainable produced technology to the battery industry. Welcome, Bernie!



Jan. 16th 2014


NOHMs Advisory Board Meeting


NOHMs Technologies, Inc. brought together sector and technical experts for a 2 day meeting in December to advise the company on technology development and initial market entry plan for lithium sulfur batteries.


Participants in NOHMs’ December advisory board meeting included:


Jim Akridge, Strategy Advisor

Bill Ott, Strategy Advisor

Lynden Archer, Technology Advisor

Joon Kim, Strategy Observer

Roland Schindler, Patent Strategy Observer

Rodney Andrews, Technology Observer

Prospective Investors

NOHMs Technologies Executive Staff


NOHMs’ advisers key contributors to enable timely initial market entry for high energy, light-weight lithium sulfur batteries.



Nov. 5th 2013


NOHMs Graduates from Village Capital / Venture Well Accelerator in Louisville, KY


NOHMs Technologies was one of 11 agriculture and clean technology ventures to present at Village Capital/VentureWell’s Venture Forum on September 24th in Louisville, Kentucky. The Venture Forum was presented in collaboration with IdeaFestival at the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts.


In May of this year, NOHMs Technologies was selected from a pool of more than 110 applicants to participate in Village Capital/VentureWell-Louisville, a 12-week investment readiness program featuring $100,000 of pre-committed investment. The program’s peer-selected investment model helps entrepreneurs learn to critically examine and scale their businesses.


Village Capital has launched 20 programs in 6 countries and worked with more than 350 enterprises to date.



Oct. 3rd 2013


New York Governor Cuomo announces NOHMs expansion


Today, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced NOHMs Technologies battery facility at Eastman Business Park in Rochester, NY. The facility is enabled in-part by a $1 million grant from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), and re-purposes existing Kodak manufacturing infrastructure. NOHMs will conduct development and manufacturing to supply the defense and healthcare battery industry with advanced materials solutions to improve performance and reliability of next-generation energy storage devices.


The full announcement can be read at:







Our mission is to provide materials to the global lithium battery industry that result in significantly longer lasting, lighter, safer and more sustainable batteries.





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