NanoLyteTM SF Electrolyte

NanoLyteTM SF Electrolyte

EV Battery Prototype Case Study: 25% more capacity

NanoLyteTM SF Electrolyte is for battery safety improvement. NOHMs’ functional ionic liquid prevents thermal runaway that leads to battery fire, as shown in this temperature profile of cells undergoing nail puncture testing.

17 Ah cells subjected to nail test. NOHMs electrolytes pass without fire.

Unlike other additives for battery fire prevention, NanoLyteTM SF Electrolyte has high ionic conductivity and meets power performance of conventional electrolyte in PHEV cells at various states of charge (SOC).


Non-flammable electrolyte solutions enable lower cost battery design and manufacturing: safer large pouch cells allow simplified battery structure, power electronics, and thermal management. Contact NOHMs to ask how NanoLyteTM SF Electrolyte can improve safety, performance, and reduce battery cost for your application.