Li-ion Battery Fire

No Fire with NanoLyteTM Electrolyte SF

Breakthrough Safety Test Result

NanoLyteTM Electrolyte demonstrates similar performance with significantly improved abuse tolerance.

Benefits of Battery Electrolytes Containing Ionic Liquids

NOHMs is the leading developer of electric vehicle battery electrolytes containing functional ionic liquids. Ionic liquids or liquid salts have high boiling points, are non-volatile, and are non-flammable. NOHMs Technologies has developed a family of ionic liquid containing electrolytes that are stable above 4.5 volts in lithium ion cells. Our two electrolyte product lines under development for electric vehicle (EV) batteries are:


NanoLyteTM Electrolyte: SF Series

Non-flammable electrolyte to improve EV battery durability. This electrolyte is a drop-in replacement for commercial ionic liquids used in PHEV and EV cells.


NanoLyteTM Electrolyte: HVE Series

High voltage electrolyte for cell charge voltage above 4.35 V to improve EV battery energy density. This electrolyte is compatible with advanced electrodes that charge between 4.45 V and 4.95 V.


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