Our Facilities

NOHMs Technologies corporate and R&D headquarters are located in the heart of Eastman Business Park Industrial Complex in Rochester, NY.  The company is equipped with 2,200 square feet of R&D labs for advanced materials development, battery prototyping and testing. 3,800 square feet of industrial space dedicated to battery materials pilot manufacturing, and corporate offices.


Being strategically co-located at Eastman Business Park (EBP) with a world class Manufacturing ecosystem for emerging energy storage companies. The home of the NY-BEST battery commercialization and test center, EBP is becoming a hub for the development of critical next generation battery and energy storage technologies. NOHMs Technologies leverages 100+ years of deep technical expertise in materials science in a variety of areas including thin films, coating, imaging, and specialty chemicals, and services including a comprehensive suite of pilot tools, technical and analytical support, and other amenities — all available for the development and commercialization of new products.


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Our mission is to provide materials to the global lithium battery industry that result in significantly longer lasting, lighter, safer and more sustainable batteries.





1200 Ridgeway Ave.

Suite 110

Rochester, NY 14615



email: info@nohms.com