NOHMs is Sampling Non-flammable Electrolytes and Lithium Sulfur Cells

Advanced Materials Solutions for the Battery Industry


NOHMs Technologies, Inc. is developing high energy, long life, and more durable lithium ion battery materials for military communications and surveillance, industrial equipment, and consumer electric vehicles. Our partners choose NOHMs to enhance performance and reliability of batteries that are driven, flown, and carried into the most extreme environments underground, underwater, overland, and even into space.


Our technology is built on a foundation of ten years of R&D at Cornell University and four years at NOHMs.  NOHMs owns exclusive rights to four patent pending Cornell inventions, and has further developed sixteen in-house patent pending inventions.

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2014 Invited Conferences:


Nanotechnology for Defense Conference, Nov.

Lithium Sulfur Chemistry: Challenges and Progress

Surya Moganty, PhD, Technology Director


NREL Industry Growth Forum, October

Low Cost, Long Life, Nonflammable Lithium Ion Batteries

Nathan Ball, CDO; Rich Delmerico CEO


12th Rice Alliance Energy & Clean Tech VC Forum, September

NOHMs: Nano Organic Hybrid Materials for the battery industry

Nathan Ball, CDO; Bernard Lau, IP Director


Power Sources Conference, June

Novel Ionic Liquid Electrolytes for Li-S batteries

Tethered Ionic liquids: Enabling Lithium metal batteries

Surya Moganty, PhD, Technology Director

2015 Invited Conferences: NOHMs Technologies Invited to Present Breakthrough Battery Technology

at ARPA-E, NAATBATT, and the 32nd International Battery Seminar & Exhibit.

NOHMs sponsored by:

Federal and State Support for Technology Development at NOHMs: 2012-2015


Our mission is to provide materials to the global lithium battery industry that result in significantly longer lasting, lighter, safer and more sustainable batteries.




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