Lowest Cost

Highest Energy


Lithium-ion batteries in phones and vehicles today use cobalt, a rare and expensive metal with limited global availability. Our electrolyte technology enables manganese, vanadium, and sulfur-based lithium-ion chemistries that would significantly lower the cost of consumer products using high-energy batteries, including electric vehicles. Additionally, NOHMs materials are drop-in for our customers’ existing lithium battery manufacturing infrastructure.


Higher energy density means longer-life batteries, enabling more diverse features for smart phones, and longer range for electric vehicles. NOHMs lithium-sulfur cells will deliver more than two times the energy of today’s lithium-ion batteries. Lithium sulfur batteries DO have the potential to rival the energy density of gasoline powered engines.


NOHMs materials are designed with the consumer in mind. Delivering durable long-life products is key to our current and future success. The proprietary electrode and electrolyte technology that NOHMs has developed is inherently long-life, stable, and durable; NOHMs lithium-sulfur battery technology can be recharged hundreds of times at 100% depth of discharge.


Return on Investment

Rechargeable batteries are an $80 billion industry, and NOHMs is commercializing battery technology with the support of corporate and government partners, including the National Science Foundation, New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation (KSTC), US Air Force, NASA, DARPA, and others. Closing our Series A investment round is an important milestone on the way to reaching our goal to commercialize lithium sulfur battery technology for portable electronics within four years.


Our mission is to transform global energy use through research, development and commercialization of lighter, longer lasting, less expensive, and sustain-ably produced Lithium Ion batteries while catalyzing an energy storage industry that creates American jobs and providing innovative technologies and long-term solutions to battery manufacturers.





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